AAM urges shoppers to buy American

With the holidays upon us, the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) has urged consumers to support the domestic manufacturing industry by purchasing America-made products. The organization says Americans spend $720 on holiday gifts on average, though spending just $64 on products manufactured in the United States could help create upwards of 200,000 new jobs. General support of the manufacturing industry can take specific shape if shoppers make small adjustments to their purchasing habits. 

"Voters support a manufacturing agenda, including worker training programs, tougher trade policies, keeping tax dollars here, and incentivizing companies to move jobs back to the U.S.," says the AAM.

With the influx of foreign products in big retail chains and department stores, shoppers may not realize just how much of their Christmas loot comes from China and other major foreign competitors. While the cheaply-produced products are tempting to snap up as presents, the AAM has encouraged Americans to seek out gifts that support the industry. Formally, the organization has launched an online pledge that shoppers can sign agreeing to support domestic manufacturers, with the hope of helping to grow the economy and create jobs here in the United States. 

Recently, Diane Sawyer of ABC News, spotlighted the movement. The National Retail Federation clocks the total amount of holiday shopping at $465 billion, resources that industry groups say can go to fuel the American economy, or to strengthen its competitors. 

Americans recently demonstrated strong confidence in the quality and reliability of American-made products, so perhaps it's time for consumers to put their money where their mouth is. When shoppers buy American, they support the expansion and development of a key sector of the economy. This holiday season, consumers should invest in American goods.