Congress to consider manufacturing training bill

Recently, this blog featured a post about plans to establish "manufacturing hubs" all across the country, with the purpose of supporting the growth of domestic manufacturing. The Obama Administration has taken the lead on this initiative, calling for more job training efforts that will ensure that manufacturing businesses have a larger supply of skilled workers from which to hire.

Now, Congress is working on a plan along that same vein. According to a report by Manufacturing Business Technology, Senators Chris Coons (D-DL) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) recently announced that they are co-sponsoring a bipartisan bill to help colleges and universities improve their engineering programs.

Known as the Manufacturing Universities Act of 2014, the bill aims to establish a list of 25 "Manufacturing Universities" that will receive funding for better engineering programs and partnerships with local manufacturing companies. The latter will help these universities find job opportunities for graduates.

"We need our engineers to fill the growing demand for manufacturing workers and accelerate manufacturing's growth," Coons said in a statement. "This bipartisan bill would help us meet that challenge."

The news source notes that despite recent growth in the manufacturing sector, there are still "hundreds of thousands of jobs" that go unfilled. Many employers say that they are having trouble hiring workers who are qualified.

It is important for policymakers to invest in manufacturing and pass business-friendly policies that facilitate the development of CNC machining companies. With a steady supply of skilled labor, these companies can help the domestic manufacturing industry continue to grow and create economic benefits.