Could Texas be the spot for new Tesla factory?

Tesla Motors, the electric car company that is the brainchild of CEO Elon Musk, has been an object of much media coverage in recent months and made Musk one of the hot topics in the world of business. He's even been compared (sort of) to Steve Jobs by an analyst at Goldman Sachs, according to the Wall Street Journal. 

Whether or not that's an apt comparison, it seems that Texas might soon be the home to a multi-billion dollar battery factory, which could be a significant opportunity for the state to not only add more jobs but welcome this well-known business to the list of those other companies that can boast operations within its bounds.

However, Forbes notes that Tesla is also looking at other states in the Southwest for possible locations, including Arizona and New Mexico. And the company seems to be having trouble conforming to Texas' state laws regarding auto sales, something it's currently negotiating with the state government.

But as the Texas Tribune reports, there are at least some officials who wholeheartedly support Tesla's arrival. This includes Jason Villalba, a state representative who sent a letter to Musk encouraging him to consider Texas as a possible location and citing multiple reasons why it would be a good home for the company.

"Choosing Texas as the location of your new factory will provide Tesla with the fertile and productive ecosystem that it needs to take the next logical step in the progression of EVs in America and the world," the letter read. 

Texas is an appealing site for all kinds of industries, as we've seen, and the manufacturing that any company does can be more expedient as long as there are CNC machining companies ready to provide the necessary parts to keep production equipment in working condition.