Federal Reserve of Dallas confident on manufacturing future

While national production figures can be useful ways to measure manufacturing, local statistics are obviously a good means to keep a bead on the situation in your area. 

The results of the Texas Manufacturing Outlook Survey show that the March index is up by more than 6 percent from February, and pretty much every indicator seems to be increasing and continuing on a positive trend from previous months. In fact, production, new orders, and shipments have all been growing for nearly a year.

The report referenced several problems, including a lack of workers for plastics and rubber manufacturing jobs. However, on the whole the outlook expressed in the report seemed to be a positive one. "General business activity" forecast is reported as "improved" for 30 percent of respondents.  

A recent Wall Street Cheat Sheet article by Dan Ritter compared this information with other recently seen signs of manufacturing progress for Texas, like the national increase in orders.

This means it could be the right time to reach out to a CNC machine operator that works in the area to try and capitalize on this forward momentum and make sure these trends don't stop anytime soon.

It can be hard to drive the production of new goods without the proper tools being ready to provide replacement parts for their machinery.

As new reports are released in the coming months, we may get additional clues about whether or not we can expect a long-term change along these lines. In the meantime, finding the right machinists can help your business feel ready to experience higher work orders.