Furniture maker bringing business to North Carolina

Belgian furniture company Buzzispace is bringing its manufacturing operations to the United States, in what CNNMoney has referred to as "yet another sign of America's manufacturing renaissance," the source describes how the specialty furniture that the company makes will be drawing on local talent and resources in the High Point area of North Carolina.

The plant, which will bring with it more than 100 jobs, may help to increase the size of the local working population while setting the stage for future success among its American clientele. It's especially important since the furniture being produced by the company has a specific market for businesses who need furniture for their office.

The CNN piece quoted Buzzispace's founder, Tom Van Dessel, on the reasons his company chose this place in particular to commence their new operations.

"They have an enormous amount of know-how on how to make furniture, how to package furniture, how to ship furniture," he said. "The skills are here, the people are here and, quite frankly, they're looking for work."

The Winston-Salem Journal reported that two thirds of the 113 jobs this effort will bring with it will be specifically in the manufacturing aspect of the company's work, and that the new operations will take place in a building that used to be a textile mill. It will also be receiving a reported $375,000 in local funds to accomplish this.

Manufacturing facilities like this one will still need to be able to depend on a machine shop to keep their equipment in working condition. With its location in the Dallas area, Windham Manufacturing can ship custom parts to anywhere in the United States.