House passes bill to support manufacturing hubs

Recently, this blog mentioned the Obama Administration's effort to establish manufacturing hubs across the country supporting job training and other initiatives to help local manufacturers grow and work with CNC machine services. According to a report by the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Congress appears to be warming to this plan.

The House of Representatives recently passed a bill, allocating $300 million over 10 years on these hubs. Though the Obama Administration had originally proposed a $1 billion plan to establish 45 hubs as part of the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation, some members of Congress felt that a more modest bill had a better chance of passing both houses.

In a bipartisan effort, Representatives Tom Reed (R-NY) and Joseph P. Kennedy III (D-MA) co-sponsored the bill and saw its passage through. They believe that it will pass the Senate later this week.

"This is about bringing people together both in the public and private setting and both sides of the aisle to unite in a common theme and commitment, and that is to put U.S. manufacturing in the position where we build it here to sell it there," Reed said in a statement.

Though domestic manufacturing is growing, it faces challenges. This blog has already discussed the problem of filling open manufacturing jobs with skilled employees who are capable of doing the work. Through the proposed partnerships, firms will be able to work with vocational schools and institutes of higher education to ensure that more students are developing the skills they need.