Manufacturing convention highlights benefits of ‘reshoring’

The Manufacturing 4 the Future (Mfg4) convention recently concluded in Hartford, Connecticut. This is the second time the biennial event has been held by SME, formerly known as the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Mfg4 alternates years with the organization's long-running EASTEC conference, which is held in Springfield, Massachusetts.

In an interview with WPNR News, SME Director of Events and Industry Strategy Debbie Holton explained that these conventions are becoming increasingly important as economic trends draw more manufacturing work into the United States.

"We're actually seeing quite a bit of production coming back to North America, partially because of the advanced technology," Holton said. "Another driver is also the affordable energy costs now that are part of the U.S. manufacturing landscape."

Holton said the availability of low-cost energy in the United States is not only driving U.S. companies to bring back manufacturing operations that had previously been offshored, but also motivating international corporations to site new facilities here.

She cited the concentration of "industry clusters" in the Hartford area that make it a particularly appealing place to host a manufacturing convention.

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