Ohio hopeful for future of manufacturing

The Columbus Dispatch recently reported on that state's expectation of an increase for the local manufacturing industry based on accumulative data. Once the dominant manufacturing companies of a specific center realize this possibility, they can start seriously concentrating on finding the other professionals, like CNC machining companies, who will sustain this growth.

According to an investor interviewed by the source named Jim Russell, Ohio's regional economy is supported by this kind of manufacturing activity by roughly 4.5 percent more than the national average.

This expected resurgence also seems to draw from the natural resources and expectations of the area. Currently, there are 686,000 jobs in manufacturing in Ohio, which may be a far cry from its glory days where it had millions of positions, but the trend could be reversing.

Other recent developments seem to support more of this kind of attention. Not only is Ohio State University collaborating with the University of Michigan on a special manufacturing research center in Michigan, as Industry Week reports, this appears to be part of the national plan to push manufacturing as well as the local. 

Since this center—the American Lightweight Materials Manufacturing Innovation Institute—will be endorsed by major companies like General Electric, it makes sense that the production work that takes part in this system would be helped along by machine shops that can handle specialized projects. The production of lightweight material might require unique machinery that is hard to find replacement parts for.

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