Replacing stolen parts and safeguarding your production processes

If for any reason you lose control of important equipment, then you might need a quality CNC machine shop to help you put older machines back into service and prove you can survive thefts or damage.

The Washington Post recently discussed the case of a DC transit worker who is said to have sold property of the state illegally for a total of $60,000. According to the source, even those who bought from the man in question, Adrian Sclawy, may not have been aware of the illegal nature of these goods. The article lists some of the items he absconded with, including a bulldozer, which could be vital for operations and represent a major loss if stolen.

Though it might seem like a common enough problem, that's all the more reason to have access to a machine shop that can help you make up for lost capabilities by providing the parts needed to put previously retired equipment back into use to replace stolen machines. This may require custom machining involving the use of advanced technology such as a CNC milling machine.

Regular checks into the state of the equipment at your facility can also help ensure that you don't lose productivity. A post on this subject in Reliable Plant on machinery maintenance encourages the keeping of records and adherence to proper storage procedures

You can build regular replacement of old parts into your schedule, and this can be easier to do if you already have a relationship with a dependable source. Windham Manufacturing's CNC precision machining services can help you stay in tight control of your equipment and keep all processes running smoothly.