Sales of agricultural machinery expected to grow

Machinery has been essential to the development of the modern agricultural industry. With the equipment available today, it takes farmers only minutes to perform tasks that would have taken practically an entire day 100 years ago. The increased productivity enabled by technology allows a single U.S. farmer to provide food for up to 144 consumers.

However, the world's population continues to grow and so does demand for food. Accordingly, modern farmers are making ever-larger investments in new equipment, and the market for agricultural machinery continues to expand. Two recent reports looked at the outlook for this sector in greater depth.

According to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, domestic manufacturers of agricultural equipment reported total sales of $36.6 billion during 2011, giving the sector a total economic footprint of more than $50 billion. That year, almost 80,000 Americans were directly employed in the sector, while another 52,000 were employed in fabricating machine parts and other materials used by manufacturers.

A separate report from Research and Markets suggested that the global market for agricultural machinery will grow at a compound annual rate of almost 8 percent during the next four years, driven primarily by an expanding population. Urban sprawl is also a factor, as the encroachment of cities on arable land forces farmers to meet higher demand for food with less space to plant crops and raise livestock.

Machine tools can help farmers make ends meet by improving the efficiency of planting, harvesting and other agricultural processes. However, as farms have become more dependent on their equipment, they are also increasingly in need of reliable CNC machining services.

Farmers need to be able to keep critical pieces of equipment working steadily during harvest season. This can be a challenge, because agricultural work is demanding and places a significant amount of strain on machinery. If an important part breaks, finding a replacement on short notice can be difficult.

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