Stronger gas pipes may be needed for resident safety

If your company produces the piping needed for natural gas usage in homes, commercial or industrial buildings, then you're well aware of how important it is for the machinery used in manufacturing these lines to be in sound condition. Some incidents have made the danger of defective pipes quite evident for anyone who deals in this particular trade.

NBC recently discussed the dangers posed by improper gas pipes in the context of an explosion that occurred in Lubbock Texas in 2012. That situation saw gas from a punctured piece of flexible tubing lead to an explosion at the premises of an area man's home.

Since then, firefighters and local advocates have reportedly contended that this flexible tubing is dangerous, but its lightweight nature seems to be what makes it a popular solution for installation and use.  

A CNC machine shop might be able to help your factory keep its production line running smoothly and mitigate the risk of defects as much as possible. It's especially relevant since these accidents aren't confined to one area or state. Environmental Science and Technology featured an article on the problems that gas leaks cause throughout the country.

"Pipeline safety in the United States has increased in recent decades, but incidents involving natural gas pipelines still cause an average of 17 fatalities and $133 M in property damage annually," the report's abstract read.

The infrastructure used to send gas to different structures needs to be assessed in the aftermath of reports like this, since it's not just these flexible pipes that could be faulty. If you work in this industry or supply parts to them, the help of a custom machine shop could be just what you need to assure quality.