Texas struggles with copper thefts

The local news source KEYE reported last month on a worrying trend of copper thefts noticed in the Central Texas area. The theft of wiring presents a problem for recycling centers that try to enforce security standards, but might also be a problem for manufacturers looking to maintain control of materials they use.

Once stolen, the source asserts, the copper is resold illegally, and many attempts to apprehend the criminals responsible end up with the suspects dodging serious jail time because the crime is so common. 

The stolen material can come from different locations, all of which may need to be guarded in the future. Not only are department stores or other consumer-facing vendors at risk, even construction sites aren't safe, according to another story reported by KXXV in Temple, Texas.

That source presented the story of two individuals who were suspected of attempting to strip down the wiring from the scaffolding of an uncompleted house in the area. And in Natchitoches, two men were identified as possible culprits in the illicit sale of some stolen metal, as part of a larger effort to fight against the problem in the state. Exchanging copper for cash is also part of the charge, and the source notes that this is a violation of the law.

Does your metal machining company of choice have a firm grasp on its supply? Seeing as Texas seems to have specifically been plagued with these kinds of crimes lately, the imperative is there to find a machine shop that does its part to discourage theft by ensuring that the materials it uses are legitimate.