U.S. Conference of Mayors: Urban economies will benefit from higher gas production

The U.S. Conference of Mayors has distributed a press release announcing the findings of a report centering on the effects of more abundant natural gas supply on manufacturing outfits in urban areas.

This blog has mentioned the positive results of increasing oil and gas production for big energy companies, but the future is apparently also bright for regular manufacturing companies that operate within major cities throughout the country.

Among the areas that will benefit is Houston, which the study predicted would add more than 16,000 machine manufacturing jobs within the next six years.  In general, the report found that most (nearly three quarters) of the jobs that will be added in energy-intensive industries will be found in cities.

If this study is to believed, then there could be an increased role for CNC machine shops later on if the increase in jobs leads to similar increase in production and a need for parts to keep industrial equipment in working condition.

Reuters featured a quote from one of the mayors in the conference named Virg Bernero, who talked about the way this growth could affect cities all over the country.

"We're all aware of the incredible impact the energy revolution is having on our national economy," Bernero said. "The growing competitiveness and increase in employment from these manufacturing sectors are important to our cities and metro economies."

It remains to be seen how energy production will impact U.S. manufacturing in the coming years, but both companies in metro areas and more rurally located plants need to create partnerships with dependable CNC machine shops to succeed in this environment.