Are you looking for a new opportunity to put your technical skills to the test? Windham Manufacturing, Inc. is seeking skilled and interested professionals for open positions to join its team of machinists and CNC operators. Because of the varied work that we do, we need individuals who are determined, skilled and versatile.

Our Company

Windham Manufacturing is a specialty machine shop that uses its specificity and experience to stand above competitors. For 34 years, we have been a leader in Dallas-based custom contract multi-axis machine and fabrication in medium- to short-run production requests. We also perform oil and gas maintenance for private corporations, and can see as many as 200 different jobs per month.

As such, we’re most interested in workers who will help us maintain these standards. We are a competitive group of engineers who take pride from completing difficult, customer-focused, price-driven projects. This is our only priority, seeing as we don’t manufacture any products ourselves, as opposed to other machine shops, and we consider it a strength in our favor.

We also use a custom ERP program to assist in tracking orders, managing costs, and making sure that production always proceeds according to schedule. Incoming employees will be expected to work with this as well. American-based manufacturing will require strong domestic systems to keep US-based equipment and processes up-to-date, and that’s a role we are happy to play.

While some shops will sell resource time to their customers, we prefer to devote all of our time and resources to helping our customers. This is because we know that the clients we work with rely on our services to achieve their market goals. They may rightly have high expectations of the work that we can produce as a local specialty shop.

And because we do custom work to help them achieve that, we need people who can adapt to the requirements of all of the orders that we receive, wherever that may take us. But our commitment hinges on our supplying interested parties with our most valuable resource: expertise. That’s something that cannot be faked.


To be considered for a position with us, applying machinists should have the following:

  • Minimum of five years experience: This should include time spent in similar positions as well as a working mechanical knowledge and the ability to read and understand blueprints.
  • Familiarity with different kinds of work material: Machinists working for Windham will be working with steel (including carbon, stainless, and titanium) as well as other metals, plastics, alloys and exotics.
  • Work with all of our different forms of equipment: We have a wide range of services that includes our mill, lathes, and reverse engineering department. New recruits will be expected to work in these different areas and understand the measuring programs that we use to determine the size of projects.
  • Be up to date with new technology: We demand a high level of performance, and as such need our workers to be ready to handle the newest design programs and production systems available.

Pay Structure

Pay for this position will be structured around a 40-hour work week with allowance for overtime. We run a 24-hour machine shop but would be looking for workers to serve in first or second shifts.

How to Apply

To be considered for a position, you can fill out the form below and submit your application online. You can also contact us by emailing Office@windhammftg.com. Please attach your resume if you choose to do so. Our fax number is 214-388-0515.