Lathe Dept

Companies looking to have specific parts repaired or replaced can turn to Windham Manufacturing’s Lathe Department for custom machining services. Our equipment is up to date and compatible with the latest drawing programs, giving us the versatility to work around whatever it is you need!

Here’s a description of exactly what we can offer you in our machine shop that you might not get from a competing provider:

  • Turning capabilities up to 78″ x 120″ diameter in length: In addition, we work with material that has a 75″ maximum height under cross rail when doing vertical machining. We also have 40″ x 120″ horizontal CNC turning capabilities.
  • Repair of mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems: Having trouble with the systems that propel your machines? Whichever of these three ways your equipment works, we can produce a custom solution to get you back in business as soon as possible. Because some of your machines might be older or worn from use, repair work can be challenging for a typical job shop. At Windham, we have the technology and experience to overcome these obstacles.
  • CAD drawings available for customers: In addition to our reverse engineering services, we can provide designs to your team that will make it much simpler to complete repairs or replace hard-to-find parts in the future.
  • Design, tooling, FIXTURING and machined components: Getting components exactly right requires precision. Once you’ve checked to make sure that we can take care of your existing equipment, you can be confident that we have the ability to develop new parts as well. When you work with Windham Manufacturing, you will have a partner that is dedicated to meeting your needs.
  • Reliable and precise: Need some data analyzed somewhere offsite? Our commitment to delivering a quality product extends outside of the workshop. We can provide services in a way that aligns with your standard operating procedures to avoid disruption. We know this can be especially useful for companies that depend on a lot of older, hard-to-replace parts.
  • Documentation: There’s nothing like having physical proof of any sort of interaction that you have with us.
  • Part inspection: In addition to the engineering services that we offer, you can count on us to thoroughly inspect the parts that you submit to us to guarantee there won’t be any unexpected problems later on.

Every company has unique needs and at Windham Manufacturing, we are equipped to provide the custom machining solutions required to complete your project. You can learn more about our capabilities by reviewing our website, or submit a formal request for more information.

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