A high point for American oil companies as production jumps

An article from the Denver Business Journal recently examined the gains that Colorado has made in oil production in recent years. According to that source, the Rocky Mountain State did well for itself last year in terms of crude, with production jumping up by nearly 30 percent. That translates into more than 63 million barrels of oil, and a major production high for the state.

The Journal spoke to Todd Hartman from the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, who asserted that the future of energy appears to be strong, but also noted the important challenges that the state may face. Any province that suddenly sees a massive development of natural resources might meet some of the same roadblocks.

"Colorado is playing an important role in securing and expanding our domestic energy supplies, including cleaner-burning natural gas," he said. Hartman goes on to say that the regulation the industry is working under is enormous, adding that "Carefully producing these important resources while fully protecting our communities and environment remains our focus."

It's not Colorado alone that is looking at an increase in production. In its most recent "This Week in Petroleum" statement, the United States Energy Information Administration noted that Texas was one of the contributors to overall domestic growth in this area, along with North Dakota. The two of these states combined accounted for more than 80 percent of the new gains.

That could be great news for companies in the Lone Star State looking to contribute to this increase in production, but only if they have the proper parts ready to be put in place. With CNC precision machining specialists on your side, you can crank up your production rate and play your part in powering the American economy.