Texas could continue to fly high thanks to new oil production

When many people think of Texas, oil naturally comes to their mind. With all the talk of the recovering economy, the possibility for the state to continue leading in oil production is still very evident. 

In fact, according to one expert quoted by the Associated Press, the state has made back billions over the past few years, and combined with other positive economic factors, it could be facing a comeback and all the signs of a strong energy sector.

John Heleman of the state's comptroller's office was quoted supporting the positive outlook that could lie in store for the Lone Star State, should it meet these standards and continue to point the way forward. Addressing a local state government committee, he compared the strengths of the Texan oil economy to other states and noted the way that it continues to be on top.

"The Texas economy is on the same trajectory that we've been on as we've recovered from recession and entered into a phase of expansion," he said. "We've recovered much more robustly and have moved on. Other states are still trying to recover."

A page on the U.S. Energy Information Administration site notes that Texas oil refineries boasted a capacity of more than 5 million barrels of oil per day. In addition, the state produced more than 55 million barrels in the last month of 2013 alone.

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