BMW also considering updating US operations

We've heard news from multiple car companies that are looking to expand their current operations within the United States. Now, from the Wall Street Journal comes the news that BMW might join others like Honda in developing the areas it has already dedicated to better production.

This includes a factory that the company maintains in Spartansburg, South Carolina, which has been expanded multiple times already. According to the source, if the expansion is effective, the previous year's output could possibly be improved by 150,000 cars. It's a significant location, and it seems tied to the history of BMW's presence in this country, so naturally it would be a spot to upgrade and give more production capacity.

But if this expansion proceeds on target, it could make the South Carolina location even more productive than the plant the company manages in Dingolfing, Germany, as Automotive News Europe reports. 

Harold Kreuger, one of the members of BMW's board, was quoted as describing the achievements this expansion could represent.

"We are really proud that this plant annually exports vehicles valuing over $7.5 billion — which, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, makes BMW the largest U.S. vehicle exporter by value to non-NAFTA countries," he said.

From the sound of it, this is an ambitious project that is aiming to bring even bigger returns for the world-renowned brand. When undertaking such expansions, you might find yourself in need of a crucial part, especially when the machinery you are working with has been there for years and it might be difficult to find replacements. A CNC machine shop can provide you with the pieces that are critical to operations.