Wind energy occupies niche in manufacturing sector

Oil and natural gas are major energy sources, and are enjoying a high profile in the U.S. recently due to rapid improvements in production. However, this isn't the only area in the energy sector enjoying growth. Renewable sources of energy—such as solar and wind power—are improving, and require a skilled workforce to maintain them and keep them viable.

Recently, Portland, Oregon-based wind turbine manufacturer Vesta Wind Systems announced that it planned to hire 800 new employees in Colorado after receiving orders for 370 turbines this year.

"We have received U.S. orders of 740 MW in the last month alone, so our North American factories are very busy, as are factories overseas," Vestas spokesman Adam Serchuk said in a press statement. "As far as I can see this will be the case at least through the end of 2015."

Many of the planned wind farms will be built and operated in New Mexico and Kansas, areas where there is significant open space to take advantage of regular, high winds. In addition to benefiting rate payers, these turbines will also provide incentives to landowners who choose to allow them on their property, in the form of land lease payments. 

As wind turbine technology improves and the market for it continues to grow, it is clear that there will be an increasing demand for wind turbine manufacturing services. Specifically, wind energy companies can rely on CNC machining services to provide them with custom components in a timely manner. This allows them to maintain an acceptable level of reliability as they grow.