Put your inventory to work and help keep your business in motion

In a recent piece for Manufacturing.net, Tom Bonnie, the president of National Metal Fabricators, examined some of the key problems that American manufacturing is still facing today. At first glance it seems like a laundry list of things that have been said and said again many times: we need more workers, better data management, and an interest in promoting manufacturing's future.

But one item on the list is something that adding a qualified machine shop to your supply chain might improve. Specifically, this is the successful use of all your inventory. If you have equipment necessary for production that becomes damaged, having a CNC precision machining specialist to call might save you from getting bogged down and allowing raw materials or partially finished items to stack up attack your facility. You need to be able to get orders out on time. 

"When you have inventory that doesn't move, you have two choices: sit on the product or slash prices to promote sales," Bonnie writes. "In either case, you're losing profits."

Inventory might also be affected, naturally, by the state of the industry in which you operate. Forbes recently reported on a decline in iron ore production that was spurred on by a slowing of Chinese export activity.

Whatever effects the market is currently having on your operations, you need to know that waiting for vital replacement parts from a machine shop won't slow you down further.

That's a benefit that a trusted machinist can easily bring to you. By contracting with a centrally located machine shop in the Dallas area, you can get custom replacement parts shipped to you fast and be ready to meet any demands that crop up.